Tuesday, June 26, 2007

HP Unveils Revolutionary Wireless Chip that Links the Digital and Physical Worlds

Posted by T. Michael Testi

HP has announced a new revolutionary wireless chip that links the digital and physical Worlds. This grain-sized chip could be attached to almost any object, making information more ubiquitous. Along with having implications into the photography world, it could change a lot of things in the consumer as well as business based application world.


PALO ALTO, Calif., Jul 17, 2006

HP today announced that its researchers have developed a miniature wireless data chip that could provide broad access to digital content in the physical world.

With no equal in terms of its combination of size, memory capacity and data access speed, the tiny chip could be stuck on or embedded in almost any object and make available information and content now found mostly on electronic devices or the Internet.

Some of the potential applications include storing medical records on a hospital patient’s wristband; providing audio-visual supplements to postcards and photos; helping fight counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry; adding security to identity cards and passports; and supplying additional information for printed documents. Read More...


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