Friday, January 04, 2008

Strobist: Our Photos, Ourselves

I found this article to be quite an interesting take from David Hobby's Strobist site. While this is not about lighting or Speedlites or any of the ususal stuff, it does make for some good Friday reading.

Source: Strobist

Written by David Hobby


About 25 years ago, upon admiring a photo shot by photojournalist Russell Price, a reporter said to him, "That's a great shot."

To which Price responded, "Yes, it is."

If the name Russell Price doesn't ring a bell, that may because he is in fact a fictional character from a movie. But the brief exchange marked a turning point in the way that I thought about my own pictures from very early in my career as a photojournalist.

It also neatly wraps up one of the biggest differences in mindset between amateurs and long-time pros. And understanding this mindset can help you become a better shooter.


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