Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday News of Note

Jeff Revell of PhotoWalkPro fame has a great article called "I want to buy a DSLR, which camera should I buy?" on buying a DSLR camera that you should checkout. What I like about it is how he takes you through the steps to figure out just what you need.

Scott Kelby is doing a poll on the "10 Most Wanted Photoshop Features" for Photoshop CS4. Check it out and vote!

John Paul Caponigro is promoting his "Insights" monthly eNews that keeps you informed of useful techniques, discounts, reviews and industry news. 

What’s in the latest issue of Insights?

  • Camera Tests - Sharpest Aperture
  • Camera Tests - Vignetting
  • Camera Tests - Chromatic Aberration
  • Camera Tests - Dust
  • Download - Lens Correction Filter
  • Download - Evaluating Histograms

Tell them you heard about it here!

Finally has an interesting video called "The Photoshop Effect" about creating the unattainable image of perfection.

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