Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Horseman Announces Unique Conversion Lenses for DSLRs


CONCORD, CA, SEPTEMBER 21, 2009—Direct Source Marketing (DSM), the sole U.S. distributor of Horseman photo products for professionals and high-end consumers, today announced unique multi-coated conversion lenses for DSLR cameras.



“What makes the Horseman lenses unique is that they provide wide-angle and macro photography easily and comfortably, without changing lenses,” said Richard Dischler, DSM President. “They are easily and quickly attached in front of the taking lens, much like attaching a filter. The lenses are also very portable and offer an affordable solution for the end user who is looking to extend the use-function of their DSLR.”

Street pricing is expected to range from $60-$120, depending on the model, of which there are seven.

Among the numerous models is the Horseman 0.7 Wide, which is designed exclusively for 18-55mm zoom lenses. The 0.7x wide conversion lens is thin, lightweight and can be attached in front of the taking lens of your camera, quickly and easily.

Another is the Horseman 0.6 Wide/Macro, a 0.6x wide conversion lens that also serves as a macro lens. The lens delivers crisp images without chromatic aberration in the periphery of images, enabling you to enjoy wide-angle photography over the entire focal length range of your DSLR zoom lens.

The Wide Macro lens is particularly effective in shooting wide angles from confined spaces or when you’re in a tight spot and can’t step back. Other examples would be shooting scenic vistas or towering buildings. The lens gives you perspective and allows you to capture near-by objects larger and distant subjects smaller.

The Horseman 0.25x Superwide/Macro is a 0.25x super-wide conversion lens that enables you to enjoy super-wide-angle photography just like a fish-eye lens. In addition, the lens incorporates a macro lens so you can get real close to your subjects for frame-filling impressive macro shots.

Both the Horseman 0.6x Wide and the 0.25x Superwide conversion lens turn into a macro lens when its front part is removed. Macro photography lets you take close-up shots and bring out the minutest details of the smallest subjects.

The Horseman 0.45x WIDE conversion lens serves as a wide lens when it’s used as is, but it turns into a macro lens when you remove the front portion. It’s a uniquely versatile conversion lens that enables you to enjoy wide-angle and macro photography with just one lens.

Other models include the Horseman 08x SUPERWIDE conversion lens, which lets you make the most of a fish-eye lens’ barrel distortion; the Horseman 4.0x Macro, which is designed primarily for medical applications, and the MiniDigi AF5.0, which allows you to have super-wide and macro photography on the Rollei MiniDigi AF5.0.

Horseman products are manufactured in Japan by Komamura Corporation.

The Horseman conversion lenses will be available at professional photo dealers. MSRP is expected to be in the $60-$120 range.



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