Monday, July 23, 2007

Jezebel's Photoshop Of Horrors Winner!

Jezebel's Photoshop of Horrors has been razing a ruckus about the Redbook front cover of Fait Hill and the retouching that was done to it. You can read about it below.

"It's time for the big reveal for our unretouched cover-image contest, and, well, our winner is the July cover of Redbook, on which country singer Faith Hill (and, on a separate cover, her hubby Tim McGraw) appeared as beautiful and accessible-seeming as usual. What's uncanny about this cover is that when the image was passed our way, we had just been flipping through Redbook, reminding ourselves that we'd stop hating women's magazines as soon as our lives became shitty enough to warrant reading Redbook and our husbands and immune systems suddenly replaced celebrities and consumerism on our personal Most Toxic lists, when we paused to think, "Wow, Faith Hill is really hot."

Read it all...

You can also read my article on manipulation done for magazine covers as well.


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