Friday, October 19, 2007

Around the Net with PhotographyToday


From Scott Kelby about the "Paper" rant on Jeff Revell's blog comes an unofficial response

  • "Last week, Epson announced their groundbreaking new Signature Worthy Exhibition Fiber Art paper, and after I wrote about it here on the blog, Jeff Revell (Over at the popular Jeff’s Photo Gallery Blog), did a post (he called it a rant), about Epson’s choice of only offering European paper sizes here in the U.S. (you can read Jeff’s rant right here)." Read it all...

John Nack reports on what the pros use; Lightroom vs. Apperture

From Uwi Steinmueller is an interesting article on using Lightroom Stacks to capture more light.

  • "As mentioned before we now shoot 3 or 5 images brackets for each scene. We outlined why in our "Exposure Mix & Match" article. There is of course one downside to this method: a lot more exposures. There are two aspects to deal with:
    • Storage capacity and backup
    • Image Organization
  • This article covers the aspect of Image Organization. We use Lightroom as our main Image Organizer. This means we first import the images of a new shoot into Lightroom." Read it All...


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