Friday, October 12, 2007

Around the Net with PhotographyToday

Posted By T. Michael Testi


     From John Nack

"We know that many people have been unhappy with printing from Photoshop CS3 (overwhelmingly on Windows), and we've been working on changes that will make things work better. Unfortunately the process isn't as quick as we'd like, given the sheer number of hardware, printer driver, and operating system combinations. We've made some changes & will be issuing an update to Photoshop CS3, but it's not quite ready to be shared with the world at large." Read it all


From Matt Kloskowski's Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips

"I’m really excited to introduce a new feature on this site. Presets (or downloads or whatever you want to call them)! See…I realized I had an extra 15 minutes each week that was being wasted, so I decided to give myself one more item on the weekly “to-do” list." Read it All


From Jeff's Photo gallery - a rant

"A few months ago I purchased an Epson 2200 printer so that I could finally make some “large” prints. First let me say that I love my 2200! The color, sharpness and tonality are everything you would expect from Epson. But that aside, my real issue falls upon the archaic paper sizes that are available from Epson and more imprtant are the ones that are not. Let’s talk 13×19, 17×22, and 24×30. Yes it’s true that I can only print up to the 13″ paper width on my 2200 but besides that, what do all of these paper sizes have in common? "  Read it All


Finally from Uwe Steinmueller and Digital Outback Photo

"We very much feel like food critics if we write about papers. Selecting papers is so subjective and the internet cannot show really their qualities.

In September/October 2007 we had the chance to get early or even very early samples of a new generation on fiber based fine art papers which all try to emulate the classic air dried silver papers. We have for each paper a dedicated page where we share our personal findings. This page tries to compare some of these paper's properties. The papers are all very good (and also expensive). In the end it comes down to personal choices." Read it All


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